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On this page, you'll find some of our volunteers and community partners who are more than happy to share information on different activities that may help improve overall well-being. Information on this page is a supplementary resource for the book

and is free to the public.

Chrislei characterizes herself as a restless explorer and wanderer. She holds a degree in healthcare, and a degree in IT.

Her curious nature led her to discover yoga. At first, yoga was just a physical activity or a workout session. But soon she found that it is more of a work in (work that is directed inwards for self-improvement). This realization pushed her to become a certified yoga therapist. Chrislei promotes yoga as a lifestyle, and volunteers her time teaching yoga classes.

Join Chrislei at her next online yoga class.

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Chrislei Bernal, Yoga Therapist


Hiking is a universal healer, offering a tranquil escape from life's stressors, including the demands of IT work. The trails are open to all, from a child taking their first steps into nature, to a senior enjoying retirement, to an IT professional seeking respite from the digital world. By blending physical activity, mindfulness, and a deep appreciation of our planet's beauty, hiking provides a powerful and accessible method for rejuvenation for everyone, regardless of their profession or walk of life.

Catch Ricci on your next hiking trip on the Gold Coast.

Ricci, IT Professional

Gold Coast, Australia

Florencio “Pip”

Pip is a self-taught florist and stylist who has discovered the transformative power of floristry as a healthy and therapeutic activity. What started as a personal creative outlet has blossomed into a flourishing career. For him, floristry is more than just arranging flowers; it is a profound source of solace and wellbeing. Through his work, he aims to inspire others to explore the therapeutic potential of floristry, fostering a deeper connection with nature. With his dedication, artistic flair, and belief in the healing qualities of flowers, Pip continues to flourish as a florist touching lives through his creations.

Visit Pip at SWEET BLOSSOMS Novelty Shop

Upper Ground Sunset Terrace - SM City

Baguio City, Philippines

Alah Soledad M. Sungduan is an acclaimed and seasoned media professional. She is a

chief researcher, program host, newscaster, professor, and has received multiple awards both locally and

internationally. Some of her notable awards include Outstanding Journalist in Baguio-Cordillera, a Kafagway Journalism Leadership and Service Award - Seal of Excellence Special award presented by Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. She was also chosen to anchor in the Two in One interview with former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Currently, she is a news anchor for the news station PTV Cordillera in Baguio City, Philippines. She is one of the pioneers of the station and leads the production team in producing the flagship program “Kangrunaan a Damag.”


Alah also conceptualized and produces the segment "Damag Pinoy Abroad" which highlights the achievements and exemplary contributions of Filipinos abroad in promoting the Filipino culture. With just almost a year of the segment airing, she was given recognition by the BIBAK of Northern California and the Filipino Seniors’ Association of Santa Maria Valley in August 2019. She went to the USA to personally receive her awards.


Alah is deeply committed to sharing meaningful information that people can use to improve the quality of their life. Through her profession, she contributes to the advancement of community development.


Click here to connect with Alah.

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Leslie’s childhood dream is to become a lawyer because to her this is the best way that she can provide aid to the less fortunate members of our community. Like all of us, she has her share of challenges, but Leslie does not let life’s difficulties prevent her from pursuing her passion in social work. She chooses to be bigger than life’s challenges, which is a choice she firmly makes everyday. And that is part of what makes her successful.  


Most Recent projects

  1. Founder of Alpas Mental Health Community - a non-profit organization intended to help mental health warriors to find support that they need.

  2. Book author of Musings of A Schizophrenic. The Musings of a Schizophernic is a poetry book based on the life and experiences as well as thoughts and imaginations of the writer. It deals with emotions that are expressed through writing that may touch subjects of sadness but has a significant learning in the end.

  3. Elected Vice-President for Psychosocial Disability by the Women with Disabilities group or association in Baguio City. As a volunteer of the groups, she aims to propose and collaborate with the local government unit for projects for inclusivity and capacitating fellow mental health advocates with the needed skills, talents, productivity and livelihood.

  4. Member of the Baguio City Mental Health Council. The council partakes in multiple collaborative efforts with public and private stakeholders, focused at improving mental health. Leslie is a volunteer administrative professional for the council.

  5. An advocate for reading and writing as a self-expression and coping mechanism. She helps in promoting literacy through her works. She loves to write and aims to influence more people to write, read and someday become authors.

Leslie T. Dulfo

Juris Doctor of Law (JD)

Masters in Public Administration (MPA)

links to some of Leslie's work:

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Community Partners and Volunteers

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Revive Massage Therapy

Tiburon, California

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ReQual Solutions


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